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30 September 2013


A Midsummer Night's Dream
Shakespeare's Globe
Globe Theatre, London
Monday 30th September 2013
The atmosphere at the Globe is always a delight and a visit, no matter what the show, makes for an entertaining evening in it's own right.  One of London's most iconic theatrical venues, the experience is entirely worth the discomfort of the traditional seating.
This season's production of A Midsummer Night's Dream is being promoted with the tag line "Show us your Bottom", and it is absolutely right that this character is singled out.  Pearce Quigley's interpretation of Bottom is one of the most engaging I have seen.  Relaxed, off-hand and slightly camp, yet also full of the ambitious self-promotion that makes Bottom such a target for ridicule, he is utterly hilarious and the highlight of the production. 
The farcical confusion of the four lovers is excellently realised with a particularly enjoyable performance of a frustrated Helena, played by Sarah Macrae.  The fairies are styled as woodland nymphs, in furs, leather and antlers, in a raw and slightly unnerving interpretation.  John Light's Oberon is energetic and masculine, although his accent is fairly random and at times difficult to understand, and paired with Michelle Terry's feisty Titania they make strong, slightly intimidating, fairy royalty.  Matthew Tennyson's rubbery physicality brings a coy youth to Puck in an audience-winning performance.

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