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04 September 2013


A Doll's House
Young Vic Production
Duke of York's Theatre, London
Wednesday 4th September 2013
Ibsen's scathingly critical look at the institution of marriage and its place in society was a hugely controversial topic to tackle at the time and has remained relevant enough to become one of the world's most performed plays. 
After a successful run at the Young Vic this West End transfer stars the sublime Hattie Morahan in the central role of Nora.  A feminist before such a thing really existed, Ibsen draws a full and complex character in Nora; flawed, conflicted but ultimately strong and truly courageous.  Morahan is completely wonderful in this deeply layered role, playing the character with subtlety and yet displaying every layer of emotion, every conflict of indecision, in an intelligent performance that draws the enrapt audience into the heart of the character.  Her husband Torvald is powerfully played by Dominic Rowan, a man with traditional and steadfast ideals.  His performance matches up ideally to Morahan and their final emotional exchange is entirely compelling.  The supporting cast all put in fine performances too, with particular note to Nick Fletcher and Caroline Martin as Krogstad and Christine in the interweaving sub-plot. 
The ingenious revolving set is a triumph of this production, and coupled with the windowed hallway allows a depth and realism to the physical location that helps to place these characters in their position in society, as well as understanding the intensity that comes from their close proximity to one another.
An irresistible production of a compelling story, elevated in no small part by Morahan's exemplary performance. 

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