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25 September 2013


Top Hat
West End Production
Aldwych Theatre, London
Wednesday 25th September 2013
As this slick production draws to a close, the sparkle and glamour haven't faded and it continues to delight it's traditionalist audiences with some old fashioned love, laughs, dances and costumes.  The quick changes of elaborate set pieces are impressively executed in it's relatively small West End home, and make the production the high value feast for the eyes that it unarguably is.
In line with other musicals of the period the story is pretty thin, incorporating a lead character who just happens to be a dancer for a living, some cheesy jokes, a beautiful love interest and very little action.  It barely matters however, as the frequent musical numbers and elaborate dance routines are entirely engaging and impressively performed with all of the style and elegance one associates with the upper class of the 1920s and 30s.
Since I saw this production on it's pre-West End tour the cast has inevitably been refreshed, and the exhausting lead role of Jerry has had a wonderful take over by the supremely talented all-rounder Gavin Lee.  With charm oozing from every pore his sparkling smile and endless energy sell every number, and with excellent support from Kristen Beth Williams as Dale they form a glorious dancing partnership. 
Old fashioned musical theatre at it's best, this production well deserved it's trio of awards last year and will be a much missed corner of glamour in the West End when it finishes at the end of October.

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