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08 July 2012


Work in Progress
Civic Theatre, Chelmsford
Sunday 8th July 2012

This young stand-up comedian has had a brilliant couple of years, rising to fame via various TV appearances, and securing his own BBC One series shown earlier this year. 

Preparing for a new tour to begin in the Autumn, this gig is designed to try out some new material before embarking on venues "somewhat larger than the Civic Theatre in Chelmsford", to quote Bridges himself.  He warned that the evening may not, therefore, live up to the standards we would otherwise expect while he ascertains what works and what doesn't.

Chelmsford's Civic Theatre has become a popular venue for Work in Progress comedy gigs, and it seems all comedian's have a different style.  Jimmy Carr recently had his new material learnt off pat, Lee Evans worked from scraps of paper, thrown over his shoulder when he didn't receive his desired reaction. 

Kevin Bridges' more relaxed approach began strongly with some very funny anecdotal and observational sections early in the evening, which he developed and ran with to the audience's loud appreciation.  Without enough new material to fill an hour however, the evening did peter off towards it's conclusion.

It was a promising start though, and with plenty of time yet before his full-scale tour begins, it is sure to be an autumnal hit.

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