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22 November 2013


Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
Brother Wolf
Tara Theatre, Earlsfield, London
Friday 22nd November 2013

The intimate space of the Tara Theatre is the ideal venue for James Hyland's latest one-man adaptation of this classic of British literature.  Opening with Dr Jekyll addressing the Royal Society of Surgeons, the audience become his contemporaries as we watch him divulge his theories into the psyche of human consciousness.  As the description of Jekyll's latest experiment unfolds, this versatile and utterly engaging performer seamlessly becomes each of the characters he meets.  

Phil Lowe's direction is intricately and skilfully achieved, with expertly accurate changes in vocals and physicality integrated smoothly within the flow of the piece.  Hyland's captivating performance style is ideally suited to the simplicity of the staging, with his absorbing storytelling ability uncluttered by unnecessary set or props.  The wooden lectern doubles as bar, bench, bed, adding spacial interest but leaving plenty of room for this exciting artist to fill the space with his performance.  The lighting design is too bright at times, with moments calling out for some dramatic shifts to complement the changes in characterisation on stage, although the shadowy final design works well.

Another jewel in the Brother Wolf crown, this exciting and dramatic piece of theatre is a compelling hour that leaves the hearts of the audience racing.  Along with A Christmas Carol as told by Jacob Marley (Deceased) and Fagin's Last Hour, Brother Wolf's current repertoire is a list of exciting, unmissable theatre for lovers of thrilling storytelling.  

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