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08 March 2013


A Soldier's Song
Theatre Tours International
Cramphorn Theatre, Chelmsford
Friday 8th March 2013

It is not new to learn that Post Traumatic Stress among those who survived the conflict in the Falklands is commonplace.  What is new, and breathtakingly harrowing, is the format in which the events that veteran Ken Lukowiak endured in his month at war are dramatically brought to gut wrenching life in this high impact production. 

Adapted and directed by Guy Masterson from Lukowiak's own critically acclaimed memoir, Lukowiak steps into the theatrical firing-line performing this one-man show himself with particular courage and conviction.  Not an actor, he is relaxed and natural on the stage, eloquent and full of clarity even in the moments of deepest emotion.  An exhausting depth to reach at each performance, his memories are honest, detailed and insightful. 

With frequent snatches of gallows humour, snippets of song and explosive sound effects, the theatricality of the piece is compelling.  It is the story however that really catches the attention of the engrossed audience through the 75 minute non-stop performance.  Taking us through a condensed history from the initial day of fighting at Goose Green through to the raising of flags at Port Stanley, the detail and reality of the stories that unfolds is both fascinating and shocking.  A piece of recent and dramatic history, brought forcefully to life.

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