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19 November 2012


Civic Theatre, Chelmsford
Monday 19th November 2012
Part circus-themed cabaret, part horror themed circus, part cabaret styled horror... The Circus of Horrors certainly provide a truly unique experience.
From the opening scene, as the various performers welcome the audience to their "freak show", it is clear that an evening of shocking entertainment is in store.  Gymnasts climb over the audience's heads towards the stage before a pair of zombie dolls spin and twirl their way through some fast-paced aerial rope and hoop acrobatics. 
We are introduced to a wide variety of skillful acts throughout the show - a sword swallower, knife thrower, high level balancer - as well as a number of gymnastic routines and some excellently chosen rock music to underscore throughout.  There are other scenes that are less skillful, included more for the "horror" than the "circus" element, but the content of which is just as memorable nonetheless.
A slick, professionally produced show that perhaps needs a taller stage to fully appreciate some of the acts.  There were sections that must have been lost by those in the balcony who, due to the layout of the stage, were unable to even see the display screens properly.  Despite that however, there was much to enjoy about this bizarre Monday evening - and plenty to talk about afterwards!

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