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31 March 2012


Dave Gorman's PowerPoint Presentation
National Tour
Civic Theatre, Chelmsford
Saturday 31st March 2012

A PowerPoint presentation could easily become a tool for an unconfident comic to hide behind, a boring reminder of forgotten business meetings, and if poorly executed a distraction for the audience. 

Dave Gorman ensures it is none of these things in his latest show, turning the medium into a highly effective comic device, using it variously to illustrate stories, explain observations and deliver punchlines, and only ever to enhance the true focus of the evening - the comedy.

Gorman's obsession with the trivial, his pedantic nature, and his thirst for reason, turn typical observation, such as the need for 48 hour deodorant, into a spiralling and ever-developing incredulity of the choices made by marketing departments.

His love of technology is clear (with some key material assuming a working knowledge of online newspapers and Twitter) and his enthusiasm for it is infectious - those who didn't already read the responses to online news stories certainly will now!

A very entertaining half hour from a very good comedy-song-writing support act (Jay Foreman), followed by 75 minutes of Gorman himself, and a gracious meet and greet by both in the foyer, makes for a great value night out.

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