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15 February 2014


Dial M for Murder
Made in Colchester
Mercury Theatre, Colchester
Saturday 15th February 2014

The first play of 2014's Made in Colchester season tells the story of Tony, who is convinced his wife Sheila is having an affair. He decides to kill her in what he believes is the perfect murder....that is until it all goes terribly wrong.

The play is a murder mystery that asks more of a 'why' than a 'who' and with its twists and turns has audience members gasping.

It is hard to pick out any single performance when every cast member contributed towards a flawless production.  The struggle between Kelly Hotten's Sheila and Robert Perkins' Captain Lesgate was a particular highlight bringing Act 1 to a dramatic close.

The set, designed by Mike Britton, captures your attention as soon as you enter the auditorium, with red cloths draped from the rig and stairs leading far past the audience's sight lines to add a further dimension and realism to the space.

I always have faith in the Mercury Theatre to put on a good show.  This production did not disappoint.  A brilliant start to the season and I look forward to Betty Blue Eyes in March.

Review by Nicola Myers

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