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07 May 2013


Singin' in the Rain
Chichester Festival Production
Palace Theatre, London
Tuesday 7th May 2013

A classic of musical theatre, this new production of the iconic Gene Kelly movie is drawing to a close at the Palace Theatre after a year of soaking front rows and entertaining audiences with old fashioned glitz and Hollywood style glamour.

With almost non-stop numbers and constant high octane energy, there is much to enjoy in this vintage dance show and some excellent performances make for a memorable evening.  Jennifer Ellison is superb as ditzy leading lady Lina Lamont, Louise Bowden is charming as talented Kathy Selden and Stephane Anelli is outstanding in the comedic role of Cosmo Brown.  As it should be however, it is Adam Cooper who steals the show as Hollywood superstar Don Lockwood, with his Singin' in the Rain dance routine worth the visit alone.

Perhaps too old fashioned now to attract the audiences it needed to last longer in the enormous home of the Palace, this was nevertheless an indisputably entertaining evening. 

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