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02 November 2012


The Only Way is Epic
Al Murray: The Pub Landlord
Civic Theatre, Chelmsford
Friday 2nd November 2012
The Only Way is Epic, so named one must assume for the hit TV series set in our home county, Al Murray's Pub Landlord hit Chelmsford this week to put the world to rights with his own brand of opinionated humour.
Front row seats guaranteed you a part in the show, as with impressive improvisational skills the Pub Landlord generated the first third of the evening on the spot, and continued to reference all he had learnt throughout the rest of the night - a feat of memory worthy of any self-respecting pub landlord. 
With much reference to the well-placed city boy along the front row who really took a bashing when the show began in it's intended direction, the bulk of the act was centred around the state of the country and the world - financially, behaviourally, morally - and thence inspiring all to go forth and fix it.
Arguably a man's comic, the largely male audience had beer-filled bladders by the end of the lengthy first half, but everyone seemed to enjoy the non-stop comedy delivered with raucous energy and a knowing twinkle.  It would be easy to dismiss this loutish character's stubborn patriotism and working beer pump prop as belonging to an incautious idiot, but Al Murray's keen intellect and creative approach to reaching his audience generates an entertaining evening of comedy for however high your brow may sit.

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