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17 February 2012


The Ladykillers
West End Premiere
Friday 17th February 2012

Joining a West End full of plays and musicals transferring from the screen to the stage, this new production of the old Ealing Studios comedy film has come to Shaftesbury Avenue with a high profile cast and big budget staging.

Following a gang of criminals planning their next robbery while lodging in the house of old Mrs Wilberforce, the production really has something for everyone.  

Peter Capaldi plays the gang leader Professor Marcus, strong and reliable in the part, rushing around the wonky old house, never without his extra-long scarf, plotting the intricacies of their robbery.  The other members of the gang included the General (James Fleet) with his cross-dressing tendencies and bumbling charm, Louis (Ben Miller, completely excellent and dryly hilarious) the Romanian with the violent glint and aversion to old ladies, Harry (Stephen Wight) constantly popping various pills and manically cleaning the house and the lovably dim One-Round (Clive Rowe). 

The undeniable star however must be Marcia Warren as the doddering old Mrs Wilberforce.  She executes the role with grace and ease, is entirely engaging and wonderfully funny.

Full of humour, a very clever multi-layered set and some great special effects, all coupled with impressive performances make this a really great night out in town.

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